Equipping the 'Reframing Travelers'

When teaching individuals about the Reframing Aging Initiative, the GSA team always begins with what it takes to "reframe" an issue.

Step #1 is Map the Terrain, as shown in the multiple research projects undertaken to provide key insights. I encourage you to explore the research findings. Step #2 is Develop a Strategy to Navigate to Higher Ground, as shown in the Gaining Momentum communications toolkit. And Step #3 is Build a Caravan, Equip the Travelers and Start Moving, accomplished through workshops to prepare individuals to apply the evidence-supported framing interventions to their daily communications.

IMG 1890When deployed properly, these interventions have been shown to shift thinking, attitudes, and behaviors associated with aging-related issues.

The last week of February, we trained a new team of workshop facilitators (shown here). Thank you to all for your commitment to this long-term social change endeavor. Frame on!




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