New Resources Can Help the GSA Community Navigate the Weeks Ahead

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to disrupt all of our lives for months to come, with projections indicating the most difficult days are still ahead of us. We will manage through this extraordinary challenge the only way possible, by working together, doing our individual part to support the collective wellbeing of our families, communities, and institutions. We will be aided by the application of science, the tool that all of us apply daily to solve problems and to make sense of the unknown.

Here are three resources to help GSA members around the world as they navigate this pandemic.

  1. Social distancing tips: GSA's National Adult Vaccination Program led the development of a new tip sheet providing guidance on how to apply social distancing in various settings.
  2. Applying reframing aging principles to communications: This two-page tips guide illustrates the importance of how we talk to — and about — each other. Effective and inclusive communication is especially important during a time of genuine crisis. Check it out and sign up for a regular newsletter from the FrameWorks Institute, GSA’s strategic partner in the Reframing Aging Initiative.
  3. Contribute to the dialog: You can use the GSA Connect Community on COVID-19 to share your insights with others and for posting questions.

And there will be more resources to come. Thank you for all you are doing to address this pandemic and to provide care and services to those most directly affected.




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