A GSA Meeting of Expanded Opportunities Awaits You

With the opening of registration, excitement for the GSA 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting Online is beginning to ramp up considerably. Many are eager for the chance to present their accepted research in front of the gerontological community, while others are fast preparing their submissions for the Late Beaker Poster Sessions. (The deadline is September 3.)

There’s also excitement because of the unparalleled accessibility to the programming that will be offered. Unlike GSA meetings past, all content will be available outside a single presentation window, with multiple ways to directly interact with presenters at the time of your choosing. So scheduling conflicts won’t be an issue.

The core elements of the Annual Scientific Meeting will all be continued, but with the opportunity for a much larger audience to participate — the cost of travel no longer being an impediment. This will make it easier for longtime members to attend and for first-time attendees to “check out” the meeting. Invite a colleague in the aging field and introduce them to your favorite meeting!

You can expect 75 streaming symposia with live Q & A, over 250 on-demand symposia, 450 on-demand paper presentations, 1,500 posters, and live discussions with every presenter. The Society has contracted a professional online meeting provider to support the meeting and facilitate the ability for attendees to interact, share scholarship, and learn from one another.

The decision to move the meeting online this year was the best course of action to protect members, their families, and communities. It may feel a bit different, but the innovations we adopt today will make a lasting impact and allow science to advance in the face of adversity.

I look forward to welcoming you to GSA’s most accessible meeting ever!


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