Standing in Solidarity with Ukraine

Like all members of The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), we’ve watched in disbelief as the man-made disaster of the invasion of Ukraine has unfolded.

GSA stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the people of surrounding nations, and the global community in condemning the military invasion of Ukraine and calling for an immediate end to hostilities.

GSA member researchers, clinicians, and educators live in more than 50 countries, including Ukraine. And some GSA members in the U.S. have family members in Ukraine. All are navigating this tragedy in real time.

Many GSA member scientists study the impact of natural and man-made disasters on older people, with an emphasis on preparedness, response, and recovery from these tragic experiences. Gerontological research has consistently shown that older individuals are among those most severely impacted in times of disaster. Research also finds that traumas experienced among younger people can lead to poor physical and mental health outcomes much later in life.

Regardless of the duration of this invasion and other military conflicts worldwide, the impact of these acts will be felt for many years to come. Each day these conflicts continue causes further irreparable harm to individuals, communities, the environment, and global stability.

GSA expresses its gratitude to all who are selflessly working to safeguard human rights and the well-being of all individuals who are affected by hostilities.

Many relief organizations are engaging and welcome support to assist the people of Ukraine during this growing man-made crisis.

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