NIA Summer Program Will Kickstart Your Aging Career

Researchers have until April 15 to apply for the National Institute on Aging (NIA) Butler-Williams Scholars Program, and if you’re eligible, I encourage you to apply for this training program taking place virtually this summer! Or if you’re a mentor to someone who qualifies, please share this opportunity. As GSA has long provided a home for junior scholars through our Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization, we proudly welcome Butler-Williams participants into the fold.

The program will be held from August 23 to 25 and it’s meant for those with doctoral degrees. This is an opportunity for early-stage investigators and junior faculty to take their passion for fighting health disparities, and their research careers, to the next level.

The program provides powerful pathways for early-career scientists to expand their networks, advance grant writing skills, and gain a broader understanding of the science NIA conducts and supports. Led by the Office of Special Populations, the program is a crucial component of NIA’s broader work to intensify investigations of health disparities in aging research and support a diverse future scientific workforce pipeline.

Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to meet division heads and the extraordinary staff that keeps NIA moving forward. The Butler-Williams scholars will have the chance to consult with NIA staff on the development of research interests as well as to seek advice on preparing and submitting grant applications to NIA.

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