A Tribute to Those Who Volunteer Their Time to GSA

As busy researchers, clinicians, and educators, the time you have available for other professional endeavors is limited. Yet so many GSA members make the time to be fully engaged with their Society, strengthening the field daily.

So during this Volunteer Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating YOU as GSA could not move forward without the volunteer commitments of its members. GSA President Peter Lichtenberg says it best in a new video he’s recorded especially for this occasion.

Advancements in the field would not be possible without the time, expertise, and passion you bring. And with the many volunteer opportunities that GSA now offers, you have the option to find one that suits your needs and schedule. They range from short-term commitments to multi-year term positions and many in between.

Examples of volunteer opportunities include abstract reviewers, journal reviewers, special workgroup roles, advisory panel members, elected board members and member group officers, interest group conveners, and more.

Some positions accept volunteers year-round. Others open for recruitment during specific times of the year. Learn about volunteer opportunities on GSA’s website.

Your time and talent have made a difference in the success that GSA achieves. While we recognize this year-round, we celebrate it this week especially. Thank you!

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