Addressing Social Isolation Among Older Persons is Gaining Momentum

GSA members will find a copy of Public Policy & Aging Report on “Lack of Social Connectedness and its Consequences” in their mailboxes soon thanks to a special distribution of this issue made possible by AARP Foundation. I have been honored to represent GSA on the Executive Council providing input on the AARP Foundation’s Connect2Affect campaign since its launch. This consumer-directed campaign has had a wonderful impact already and 2018 activities are well underway. In addition to bringing this consumer directed campaign forward, AARP Foundation is helping promote the evidence base around what works and engaging researchers along the way. This special distribution of Public Policy & Aging Report is a wonderful example of that.

Momentum to address the issue of social isolation in a more comprehensive and coordinated manner is clearly building. The recent announcement that the U.K. has appointed a minister for loneliness is a good example. Back in the U.S., the AARP Public Policy Institute just came out with a report titled “Medicare Spends More on Socially Isolated Older Adults.” I expect we’ll hear a lot more on this topic as the year unfolds.

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