Dissertation Writing Group

Facilitated by Peers

Is your dissertation getting you down? Can’t quite get started? Or can’t quite finish? Are you raring to go, but would like some feedback along the way?

Join an exclusive GSA ESPO members-only peer-led dissertation writing group for a supportive environment in which to exchange critical feedback, push past procrastination, and stay accountable to your goals. This is a member benefit offered at no cost to GSA ESPO members.

Each small group (3 to 6 members) will meet virtually every other week for 1 to 1.5 hours (based on the number of participants in the group). 12-week-long commitment requested. Daytime and evening groups available.

Here are some things you will do as part of the group:

  • Create a writing schedule with measurable goals.
  • Report on goals each session to stay accountable.
  • Provide your writing for review and contribute feedback on group members’ writing.
  • Support each other through the sharing of resources and ideas.
  • Troubleshoot challenges.


  • You must maintain valid ESPO membership throughout the semester-long writing group.
  • You can be anywhere in your dissertation process through your defense, but you must at least be at the writing stage (or about to write your concept paper or proposal).
  • Meetings and writing samples must be in English.
  • You must commit to participate in the group for the full 12-week term.
  • You must agree to and sign a statement to ensure confidentiality of other group members’ work/ideas.
  • Skype is required to participate in the meetings.

2020 Session Dates:

Current participants can continue in their group for subsequent sessions.

  • Fall 2020 Session: Week of September 15 to December 6, 2020. Registration is closed for the Fall 2020 session. Information will be posted soon for the 2021 sessions.


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