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NAVP Newsletter

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  • October 2020: A Case in Logistics: Distribution and Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine
  • September 2020: Influenza Immunizations 2020–21: Communication, Clinical, Logistical Challenges
  • August 2020: COVID-19 – Planning for a Vaccine Rollout
  • July 2020: COVID-19 Vaccines – Who Will Take Them and Why
  • June 2020: COVID-19 – Testing the New Vaccine Technologies
  • May 2020: 2020–21 Influenza Season: Finding the Right Message
  • April 2020: Vaccine Communication – New Approaches Needed
  • March 2020: Special Issue on Coronavirus
  • February 2020: RSV – Infections a Problem, Vaccines a Challenge
  • January 2020: Driving Vaccine Uptake – A Psychological Approach
  • December 2019: ACIP finalizes Td/Tdap Advice and Adult Immunization Table for 2020
  • November 2019: Shifting to a Lifespan Approach for the Nation's Vaccine Plan
  • October 2019: Influenza Season 2019-2020
  • September 2019: AVAC Congressional Briefing Update
  • August 2019: ACIP Recommends Shared Decision Making
  • July 2019: Vaccines: Progress on Many Fronts (NAIIS Update)
  • June 2019: Measles: A Lot More than Spots
  • May 2019: Efficacy vs effectiveness
  • April 2019: Achieving Clarity on Pneumococcal Vaccines
  • March 2019: It's Complicated: Interactions Between People and Influenza Vaccine
  • February 2019: Understanding Vaccine Development
  • January 2019: Modulating Microbe/Immune Cell Interactions


Cover of the LTC and IZ publication Vaccines for Older Adults: Overcoming the Challenges of Shared Clinical Decision Making
Cover of the LTC and IZ publication Charting a Path to Increase Immunization Rates in the Post-Acute and Long-term Care Setting
agingandimmunity Aging and Immunity: The Important Role of Vaccines
whatshotimmuno Addressing the Complex Impact of Immunosenescence: The Value of Vaccination
The Advancing the National Adult Immunization Plan Through a Focus on Influenza Meeting Advancing the National Adult Immunization Plan Through a Focus on Influenza - Spring 2016
Vaccines older-adults-HRSA-edits-1 Health Benefits of Vaccines for Older Adults and Recommendations for Improving Older Adult Immunization Rates
  Comprehensive Report of the 2013 National Adult Vaccination Program Summit: Developing Champions and Building a Roadmap for Action to Achieve the Healthy People 2020 Goals for Adult Vaccination
navpfaqs Facts and Frequently Asked Questions about the National Adult Vaccination Program
whatshotimmunoacrossaging-tn What’s Hot in Immunizations Across the Aging Continuum—2013 Update
whatshotimmo-tn What’s Hot in Immunosenescence: Implications for Patient Care
pubstopracticeimmunizationrates-tn From Publication to Practice: A Look at Strategies to Improve Immunization Rates for Older Adults
whatshotnavp-tn What’s Hot in Immunizations Across the Aging Continuum
pubstopracticeinfluenzaolderadults-tn From Publication to Practice: An Interdisciplinary Look at New Developments in the Prevention and Treatment of Influenza in Older Adults
pparfall2012navp-tn Public Policy & Aging Report: Vaccination, Prevention, and Older Adults
calltoactionnavp-tn Call to Action—Reaching the Healthy People 2020 Goals for Adult Vaccination: Proceedings of the National Adult Vaccination Program Scientific Summit, April 2012

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