Program of Merit

The National Review of Educational Programs in Gerontology

The Program of Merit is a voluntary program of evaluation for AGHE member and nonmember institutions that offer either gerontology programs (degree and non-degree granting) and/or health professions programs whose curricula integrates gerontology/geriatrics content. The Program of Merit designation gives gerontology and health professions programs an AGHE “stamp of excellence” that they can use to verify program quality, lobby within their institutions for additional resources to maintain program quality, market the program, and recruit prospective students.

Each program is evaluated according to its own goals and objectives. The Program of Merit Brochure describes the program evaluation process, lists resources to use in the evaluation, answers frequently asked questions, describes how to apply, and includes an evaluation form. The new Program of Merit for Health Professions Brochure  is now available.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to speak with a POM Program Co-chair prior to beginning the application process. To set up a phone appointment to discuss your gerontology or health professions program approach to the POM application process, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Prior applicants have found that such a conversation aids in determining the readiness of their program to apply for POM and provides valuable information for completing the application. 

Program of Merit Application/Renewal Fees:

  • AGHE/GSA Members: $650
  • Non Members: $1550

Program of Merit Designation:

American River College, Associate of Arts Degree in Gerontology (2003-2008; 2008-2013; 2013-2018; 2018-2023)

Bethune-Cookman University, Bachelor of Science in Aging Studies Program , Bachelor of Science in Aging Studies Program  (2020-2025)

California State University, Fullerton, Minor in Aging Studies Program (2020-2025)

California State University, Long Beach, Certificate in Gerontology Program; Minor in Gerontology Program (2020-2025)

Ithaca College, Major in Aging Studies (2008-2013; 2016-2021)

Missouri State University, Bachelor of Science Degree in Gerontology (1999-2012; 2012-2017; 2018-2023)

Northeastern Illinois University, Master of Art in Gerontology (2013-2021)

University of Indianapolis, Master of Science in Gerontology (2012-2017; 2017-2022)

University of Iowa, Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies Program (2019-2024)

University of Nevada Reno, Gerontology Certificate; Undergraduate Minor (2006-2011; 2013-2018; 2019-2024)

University of North Georgia, Minor in Gerontology Program (2021-2026)

University of Utah, Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program (GIP) Master of Science (2017-2022)

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Applied Gerontology (2015-2020)

Winston-Salem State University, Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology  (2007-2012; 2016-2021)

Program of Merit for Health Professions Designation:

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2020-2025)

University of Pittsburgh, Doctor of Occupational Therapy Degree (2020-2025)

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation (2019-2024)

Links to resources:

POM Reviewer Application | Standards and Guidelines | Gerontoloy Competencies for Undergraduate and Graduate Education | Core Principles and Outcomes

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