GSA is enriched by the breadth of members’ experiences and perspectives. There are numerous ways to get involved with GSA throughout your career. Time commitments vary from a few weeks to a full year.  


Develop a mentoring relationship to learn useful insights and develop a support system as a mentee or to share knowledge and contribute to the future of gerontology as a mentor. GSA’s online tool, Mentor Match, which helps you find a mentor or mentee using the criteria that you find important for that individual.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Annual Scientific Meeting Volunteer

This is an opportunity for members to attend the meeting and contribute their time to GSA while networking with friends and colleagues. In exchange for eight hours of volunteer support, GSA will provide a complimentary full meeting registration. There are a limited number of volunteer positions. Applications are available on a first come, first served basis to GSA ESPO members first. Information becomes available every July on the GSA website.

GSA Connect

GSA needs volunteers to help us keep GSA Connect a vibrant and thriving member  community. Volunteers will be asked to start discussions and reply to discussions to keep conversations moving and interesting. Discussion topics can include new resources, questions about career development, research assistance, and more. Volunteers are asked to post or reply to a discussion at minimum of six times per year.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GSA Journal Peer Reviewers

To serve as a peer reviewer, go to the specific journal submission site, create an account, and enter your area(s) of expertise via keywords. Your expertise areas will be used by the editors when identifying reviewers for submitted manuscripts. If selected as a potential reviewer, you will receive an invitation to review from the journal’s editorial office.

Opportunities for new/novice reviewers: for detailed information, review the sections, “Opportunities for New Reviewers/Mentors” in the journals’ Instructions to Authors.

Annual Scientific Meeting Abstract Peer Reviewer

The abstract peer-review process is an important step in the development of a strong program for the Annual Scientific Meeting. Reviewers are asked to select a GSA section and session codes (categories) of abstracts to review. Each reviewer will receive approximately 20 abstracts to review, score, and provide feedback. Abstract reviews are completed online and due within two weeks of being assigned. The abstract review period is end of March through early April.

Members are recruited at the end of February every year. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Apply for all open positions on our Volunteer page on GSA Connect.

GSA offers a range of volunteer opportunities, from quick “micro” tasks that take a few minutes to multi-year term positions and many in between. Some positions accept volunteers year-round. Others are open for recruitment during specific times of the year. 

Watch the GSA Volunteer Informational Video and read the GSA Volunteer Guide to learn about GSA’s expansive volunteer program, how to pick the best opportunity for you, how to submit an application, and what roles and responsibilities you may have.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Micro (a few mintues to several hours- no application required)

Project (several months to year-long; time commitment varies by project type)

Term (multi-year commitment; est. 1-3 hours per month, including meetings and work)

Hear from GSA Volunteers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the volunteer terms?

Volunteer terms vary by position. Some are just a few months and others for a year or more. The length of term is included in the position description.

Are there opportunities to volunteer for my member group?

Yes. GSA member groups have various opportunities, including assisting with the selection of award recipients, selecting Fellows and helping develop the section program for the Annual Scientific Meeting. Member group-specific opportunities will include “for all sections” as part of the position title or will have the specific section name in the opportunity.

Are volunteer opportunities available throughout the year?

Yes. See above for ongoing opportunities year-round and check out the Volunteer Opportunities page on GSA Connect to learn more about these opportunities.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about volunteer opportunities. 

In order to facilitate professional and informational communications, the following are suggested as proper protocol:

  1. Do not use CAPITAL letters - It is considered yelling.
  2. Profanity is not permitted.
  3. Read your document carefully before you send it. Check that the e-mail is accurate and that is says exactly what you want to say. Remember that there is a person at the other end of the e-mail, use professional integrity when addressing another member specifically. If this is not possible, a phone call may be appropriate.
  4. If you are replying to a previous e-mail, reference it or include a copy with your reply.
  5. Information must be included in the subject line or the listserv will reject your message.
  6. E-mail addresses on this lists are private and not for distribution of any kind without permission of the individual and GSA.
  7. Please do not distribute copies of e-mail submissions to persons that are not on the listserv. Comments are restricted to those on the listserv.
  8. Political postings (including endorsements of GSA officers) are not permitted.
  9. Job announcements are prohibiited.

GSA’s website features a member benefit called GSA Connect, which is an online networking platform that allows members to collaborate and work together more productively than ever before. Here are just some of the features available to members:

  • Discussion communities, where you can share ideas, ask questions, and brainstorm across member groups and disciplines.
  • Resource libraries, which allow you to upload documents, embed YouTube videos, share links to webinars, and more. You can search resources by topic, key word or individual poster.
  • Contacts, where you can add members to your online contact book. Easily search by name, member group, or organization.

To make this resource successful, we need your participation. We invite you to join us at your earliest convenience by visiting GSA Connect to begin building your profile and contributing to the conversation. This short video and how-to document will walk you through the steps of logging in to GSA Connect.

Check out these “How To" short videos and/or one-page tutorials that quickly walk through the steps of some of GSA Connect’s most used features.

Read It

Watch It

How to Access and Login to GSA Connect

How to Complete your GSA Connect Profile

How to Access and Login to GSA Connect

How to Complete your GSA Connect Profile

How to Edit your Contact Information

How to Edit your Contact Information

How to Initiate a Post

How to Initiate a Post

How to Reply to a Post

How to Reply to a Post

How to Join an Interest Group

How to Join an Interest Group

How to Search the Member Directory

How to Search the Member Directory

How to Manage your Email Delivery Schedule

How to Unhide Yourself on GSA Connect

How to Join a Section Community

How to Upload a Document to a Community Library

How to Manage your Email Delivery Schedule

How to Unhide Yourself on GSA Connect

GSA Connect is supported by:

Innovation Fund

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