The Mentoring Effect

A Special Project of the GSA Innovation Fund

In 2013, The Mentoring Effect, a special project of the GSA Innovation Fund, was launched. Spearheaded by GSA members Keith Whitfield and Deborah T. Gold, this initiative was developed as a three-year special development effort to raise funds to exclusively support mentorship within the Society. After an initial “silent” fundraising effort leading up to the 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting, members pledged more than $85,000 and are acknowledged as “Founders of The Mentoring Effect.” The Mentoring Effect raised more than $94,000.

All money is used to support mentoring activities within the Society, and the Committee on Mentoring will identify and manage the projects that these funds will support. Supporting the next generation of gerontologists is vital to GSA’s long-term well-being.

Thank you for your support and making the Mentoring Effect a success!

Names in BOLD denote Founders of The Mentoring Effect

Jennifer Ailshire
Jenny Alderden
Carolyn Aldwin
David Allison
Ruth Anderson
Flavia Andrade
Jacqueline Angel
Toni Antonucci
James Appleby
Paul Arthur
Margaret Baker
Colleen Bennett
Barbara Berkman
Richard Besdine
Rosemary Blieszner
Dana Bradley
Rebecca Brotemarkle
Candace Brown
Pamela Brown
Scott Brown
Holly Brown-Borg
Deborah Carr
Laura Carstensen
Letha Chadiha
David Chiriboga
Moon Choi
Philippa Clarke
Claude Pepper Center
Olivio Clay
Harvey Jay Cohen 
Pinchas Cohen
Fay Lomax Cook
Teresa Cooney
Connie Corley
Stephen Cutler
Fayron Epps
Lois Evans
Karen Fingerman
Richard Fortinsky
Margaret Gatz
Joseph Gaugler
Linda George
Deborah T. Gold
Robert Gold
Christine Gould
Sherry Greenberg
Marilyn Gugliucci
Lisa Gwyther
Elizabeth Hahn Rickenbach
William Haley
Bryan Hansen
J. Taylor Harden
Linda Harootyan
Jon Hendricks
Thomas Hess
Lynne Hodgson
Karen Hooker
Nancy Hooyman
Amy Horowitz
Kathryn Hyer 
Ellen Idler
Sharon Inouye
Yuri Jang
Shannon Jarrott
Kimberly Johnson
Eva Kahana
Julie Kaufman
Nancy Knechel
Ann Kolanowski
Nancy Kropt
Suzanne Kunkel
Peter Lichtenberg
Gordon Lithgow
Rebecca Logsdon
Marilyn Luptak
Lydia Manning
Kyriakos Markides
Lynn Martire
Roger McCarter
Gerald McClearn
Tara McMullen
Chandra Mehrotra
Terry Mills
Terry Moore
Nan Park
Karl Pillemer
Kristen Porter
James Powers
George Rebok
R. Corey Remle 
Brenna Renn
Barbara Resnick
Karen Roberto
Laurence Rubenstein
Anthony Sarmiento
K Warner Schaie
Nina Silverstein
Gaynell Simpson
Kelly Smith
Diane Solomon
Jane Straker
Kathleen Sykes
Aloen Townsend
Pao-feng Tsai
Debra Umberson
University of Michigan
Cheryl Waites
Noah Webster
Terrie Wetle
Nancy Wilson
Nancy Whitelaw
Keith Whitfield
Frank Whittington
Scott Wilks
Fredric Wolinsky
Linda Wray
Bei Wu
Barbara Yee 

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